MyTeleworker participe at Kamet challenge

Kamet challenge

MyTeleworker at Kamet challenge

What is the problem you identified and what made you launch your startup?

In the future, we will have to reduce our moves to fight against pollution, global warming,... Mobile is the sollution to stay in contact and MyTeleworker is a meeting website for professionals. Service remotely is a huge market if we consider we could be blocked by oil rarefaction, strikes, attacks, natural disasters... Why Insurrances and banks should be interested in a professionnal meeting website:

  1. Insurrances and banks reduce realestate because customers don't move to get services. It is the same with professionals. How they will find new customers if they (and customers) cannot or dont want to move.
  2. "Tell me who you meet, and I "ll tell you who you are!" MyTeleworker helps professionals to talk remotely. We know the profile, and what service they deliver or seeking. Banque populaire develop a geo localized real estate application. Not to sell real estate, but to get leads of people who seek to borrow. MyTeleworker is the same marketing tool. It is a three-band marketing concept. We develop an application that addresses the mobility and isolation problems of teleworkers. The bank or the insurance company increases its data on its target to sell products. Imagine Insurances have no more humain contact with customers. How will you do to get needs ?
  3. You must develop services remotely. Why ? Less moves is less accidents. Insurances will have to pay compensations for natural disasters. Developping telecommuting is fighting against global warning and greenhouse gaz emission.

Briefly describe your solution.

MyTeleworker is a IA chatbot which analyze your pofil on the networks (Twitter, FAcebook, Linkedin, Google): -it knows who you are ? (what topics you are interested on) -who you are looking for ? With common interests (customers, providers, trades, corporation, associations, tradeshow, common interests...) -then it pushs professionals profiles to meet around a virtual table without moving We create a loop and we analyze datas again to create new synergies between people who dont know each other. We pool professionals on private networks like business clubs.

How is it innovative?

It is a social innovation. For instant professionals still move to get work. But in the future they will not. It doesn't exist yet a directory, and a video conferencing to meet anywhere, anytime, services remotely. It is a huge market.

What is your offer? (What are you selling or renting, and at what price ?)

We are working on subscription for professionals. 100€ per year. It is free for services customers. And we sell leads.

Who are your clients? If possible, give us your customer reference.

Professionals, services providers, (lawyers, recruters, teachers, freelances, PME...)

What are your targeting groups (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) ?

B2B, B2C, we connect people to deliver services remotely

What stage of development are you in? (R&D, marketing, etc.) What have you already realized ?

We have a website and we develop the IA chatbot to enchant the conversation. We "ll be ready in september to promote the website

What are your most recent sales figures (if applicable)?

they are not significative. We have 5000 subscribers in the mailing list, but we did not begin the promotion and mailing yet.

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